Hello world!

‘Hello world’ indeed.

A rather stupid opening gambit really, seeing as any creature making its first appearance to the world would hardly be in possession of the language skills to announce itself to it.

Any beast that could, would surely be worthy of a ‘Showtime’ series at the very least as an introductory platform, and hardly a free WordPress blog.  Not biting the hand that feeds me of course, WordPress is a fine instrument of communication, but usually more suited to recipes,  Justin Bieber fanpages, or knitting patterns rather than introductory declarations from physiological or biological leaps of man-or-human kind.

But regardless, it was the default title, and it may as well stay. I bear it no ill will, and in all probability it gets removed from the vast majority of hopeful opening posts it graces. The bridesmaid of post titles, the understudy, the stuntman. Its regular hopes of fame and notoriety cyclically dashed, time and time again.

So do your worst ‘Hello world!’ opening post. Now’s your moment, take your chance.

Amaze me, surprise me, entertain me. Disappoint me.



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